Locksmith Amsterdam comes to your rescue

Lost your key? Or did you close your front door without taking them with you? Maybe your key broke off while you were opening or locking your door, and now you have half a key in your lock and half a key in your hand! Or, imagine… your house has been broken into… Oh goodness!

No need to worry, Locksmith Amsterdam is here to help you. Within 30 minutes, no less. In and around the city of Amsterdam. Like a knight in shining armour, one of the locksmiths comes to your rescue and solves your problems. Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Locksmith Amsterdam is working with experts who put your mind to rest and work quickly. They do their job according to the quality label of the Police for Safe Living.

Contacting Locksmith Amsterdam is choosing the best:

  • Available day and night, 24/7
  • Help arrives within 30 minutes
  • Clear quotation
  • Paying safely with debit card is possible
  • You know where you stand

Locksmith Amsterdam charges a standard fee for opening doors. No surprises after the work is done. After all, needing a locksmith is not by choice – unless, of course, you want us to install new locks, which we also do very well.

Our locksmiths are top-notch. They are familiar with all the innovations in their trade. Burglars invent new methods to break in, so our industry invents nifty solutions to trump them.

When you are locked out, you can try fiddling the lock to open the door yourself. This seems like a good idea, but frankly, it isn’t. Chances are you damage the system within your fine-tuned lock. Then the costs to pay will be a lot higher. Breaking a small window to open your door through it, is also a costly activity. Putting in a new glass pane in the window frame is more expensive than you may think.

The best way to solve your lock-problem is to call the experts of Locksmith Amsterdam: 020-7230775.

Fast, friendly, in and around the city of Amsterdam, 24/7, and reasonably priced. What more can you want?

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